Novatrend Electrical Pty Ltd, Gosford, Central Coast

Novatrend Electrical Pty Ltd is a Gosford based electrical contracting firm that has been servicing the Central Coast for over 12 years. Steve Borg, licensed electrician and owner of Novatrend Electrical has lived on the Central Coast all his life and enjoys working with local businesses to install and maintain their electrical and communications equipment. Licensed to work in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, Steve can also manage electrical contracting projects right across the East Coast.

Team of electricians

Steve is proud to be 'on the tools' himself, meaning he is always in touch with the quality of work. Steve and his team of electricians cover the Gosford and Central Coast areas, offering competitive prices along with the highest standards. Novatrend Electrical is proof that it is still possible to be competitive without cutting corners.

What does Novatrend mean?

Nova means 'new' and Steve followed his fatherís advice in setting a new trend for reliability and punctuality amongst electricians. He also looks for new ways of saving clients money.

Saving clients money

Steve and the team at Novatrend Electrical donít just do a job Ė they manage the job as if it was their own money being spent. For example, initial specifications for electrical projects will often make allowances for the maximum electrical capacity possible for a particular building design. By questioning and reassessing the design, Steve ensures that clients are not incurring unnecessary costs.

Licensed electrician

  • Member of NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association)
  • Licensed for structured cabling including Cat 5, 6 & 7, Coax and fibre optics
  • Metering and services connections including underground and overhead connections to the grid