Warranty Repairs

Manufacturer's warranty repairs - Gosford & Central Coast electrician

If your business is seeking a repair under a manufacturer's warranty, it is important to contact an approved electrician for the work. You may not be compensated for your claim unless you use a qualified Central Coast electrician who is approved by the manufacturer. Novatrend Electrical is an electrical contractor, approved for many warranty repairs.

Lighting warranty work

Thorn's lighting products from Zumtobel are used across the world in commercial buildings and Novatrend Electrical on the Central Coast is the trusted and approved electrical contractor for Thorn and other lighting manufacturers.

Appliance warranty work

Electrical appliances are always covered by a manufacturer's warranty, although the length of the warranty will vary.


Individual components are also covered by warranties and Novatrend Electrical can replace or repair the faulty component.

Manufacturing defects

If you require advice on a potential manufacturing defect in order to make a claim under your warranty or consumer rights, please contact Novatrend Electrical.

Building defects warranty

Electrical repair work may also be covered under your commercial building defects warranty.

Novatrend Electrical is based in Gosford but has electricians who cover the Central Coast and surrounding areas for warranty repair work.